Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner with Expedia?

Expedia, Inc. is the world's leading online travel company with more than 90 localized points of sale in more than 60 countries. Expedia connects you with the largest travel marketplace and demand covering North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

As an Expedia hotel partner, you'll benefit from:

  • New, incremental business: More than 79 million gross room nights are booked annually on the Expedia's websites.
  • Unmatched exposure: More people shop for travel on Expedia websites worldwide than any other online travel company. On average, more than 53 million global travelers come to Expedia branded points of sale every month. Hotels that join the Expedia marketplace also benefit from distribution through Expedia's 13,000 global affiliate sites.
  • Above-the-line marketing exposure: Expedia invests in local advertising such as television commercials, billboard campaigns, and search engine optimization strategies to increase our brand awareness and ultimately drive shoppers to our websites.
  • Access to different types of consumers: Expedia has a portfolio of consumer brands, which includes Expedia,®, Egencia, Hotwire, Wotif and™ and reaches consumers with different purchasing patterns and travel profiles - everything from luxury-minded early bookers and business travelers, to last-minute deal seekers.
Working with Expedia is made easier through:
  • A portfolio of innovative connectivity options
  • Streamlined access to rate and availability management tools
  • Innovative online media and marketing tools that help you access more demand
  • Local market revenue management expertise and business intelligence reports

How do I sign up to partner with Expedia?

Click Contact Us on the Join Expedia page to connect with an Expedia representative who can work with you to get all of your property information, room types, and rate plans into our system so travelers can start booking your rooms on Expedia's websites.

What to expect with the onboarding wizard

On the first page of the wizard, you will review and confirm that the basic property information, property location, and contact information is correct. When click Continue on this page, our system displays the basic commercial terms for working together with us.

The commercial terms show you the basic arrangements we'll ask you to agree to later in the process. You're not signing anything yet, but it gives you an understanding of what the terms will be so you can decide whether you want to continue. At this point--or at any point in the process--you can also ask to be contacted by an Expedia representative who can answer questions you may have.

After you decide to continue, the wizard will guide you through the process of providing the following:

  • Details about your property and its amenities
  • The currency you want to use for your rates or for invoicing
  • Any taxes and fees that apply
  • Your room types and rate plans
  • Your financial information (for sending or receiving payments)
  • Photos of your property to be displayed on Expedia websites

After we have all your information and you've been able to review and confirm it, you'll be presented with a contract to sign. This is the last step in getting on board with us. In most cases, your property will be online and you can start getting bookings through Expedia within hours of accepting the contract.

You can pause in the process at any point and continue later. Also, on all the pages of the wizard, you will have access to FAQs like this one that provide more information about some of the information you're being asked to provide.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Expedia. We look forward to working together with you!