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Hotel group improves ADR with Expedia partnership

Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Thailand

We decided to join Expedia because we wanted to capture online demand and increase awareness of our property globally. After a few months of working together, our bookings increased significantly. Expedia bookings contributed to our online revenue mix and helped us achieve better Average Daily Rates (ADRs). Our partnership and collaboration with Expedia has now spanned 10 years.

Our online production increased more than 50% in 2016.

Nuenguthai Thumwonk
Revenue Director

Expedia PartnerCentral is a consolidated tool for hotel partners to manage their properties 24x7 across the portfolio of booking sites. The platform offers many useful features that enable us to create, manage, and review production of each promotional campaign that we run with Expedia. In addition, we can see market insights on our competitive set, which really helps us to make real-time decisions on rates and promotions.

The Market Management team also provides market information and offers advice on online sales strategies. Our online production increased more than 50% in 2016, thanks to Expedia’s hard work, support and partnership.

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