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Expedia generates global exposure for hotel property

We decided to list our hotel on Expedia’s booking sites after we saw steady revenue growth from online distribution channels. Expedia’s coverage in American and European markets was also aligned with our target audience.

In 2016, our revenue stream from Expedia grew substantially.

Siriporn Petchpornrapol
E-commerce Manager

Expedia not only facilitates room bookings on its websites, but also creates attractive packages combining rooms with other travel bookings, for example hotel and flight packages. Expedia’s ability to generate global demand helps us to reach diverse travelers in new markets. In addition to a variety of exclusive campaigns for their members, the company also collaborates with third parties to promote our hotel.

Expedia PartnerCentral is a platform that enables us to manage our rates and availability across all Expedia sites via easy-to-use tools and features. The platform is continuously improving and the latest enhancements enable us to get real-time feedback from guests so we can react in a timely manner and provide a superior experience.

For example, the EPC Conversations tool helps us to seamlessly engage with our guests prior to, during and after arrival.  As our hotel is located in the islands with limited access, we are able to now provide guests the suggestions on how to travel to the island without any trouble.

What’s more, the Market Management team is always on hand to give advice and new ideas to help us increase our revenue without reducing profitability. As of a result of all these benefits offered, our revenue stream from Expedia grew substantially in 2016.

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