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Five star hotel drives revenue growth with Expedia promotions


Our property is a full service 5-star, 202 room hotel in Brisbane, that is located in the exclusive inner city village of Kangaroo Point. We have a strong corporate and FIT following and cater for the needs of these markets.

We moved $75K worth of rooms during the Black Friday Sales, which was a huge success for us.

Aaron Roberts
General Manager

My current role as General Manager is a very hands on role requiring me to have a solid understanding of all aspects of the business. I manage a team of 80 staff so focus on people performance and delivering excellence.

Our main goals for 2017 are to grow our Average Daily Rate (ADR), to drive our F&B business (our Lamberts Restaurant, Bar and Lounge has a fantastic reputation for its modern Australian cuisine and sophisticated cocktails!),and to train our employees to provide exceptional service and memorable experiences for our guests

One of the current challenges we are facing is an oversupply of rooms in Brisbane and a shortage in good staff. We are putting particular focus on being the best full service hotel in Brisbane.

Why Expedia?

We decided to work with Expedia as their platform helps us on a daily basis to manage a number of rates and packages from a singular point, while maintaining competitives rates. This allows us to get on with the job of looking after our guests.

We’ve worked with with Expedia for a number of years now. Working with Alex, our Market Manager has been great and we have moved loads of inventory together. I’ve said to Alex that if there’s anything new worth giving a try, our hotel will jump in with both feet.  We email or speak on the phone most weeks so have a strong business relationship.

Expedia Tools & Services

We use the Expedia PartnerCentral platform daily to view guest feedback and review marketing offers. We love to use the rank optimizer, creating deals, and Sell Tonight (and similar tools). These tools help us make business decisions both from a strategic and tactical perspective.

Business Impact

Some of the benefits we’ve experienced from working with Expedia are that we’re connected to a worldwide network of sites that we could never have on our own. We appreciate the market advice we receive from our Market Manager. We also see benefit in the guest feedback that drives us to be a better hotel.

One specific business impact we saw come from the relationship was during the Black Friday Sales. We moved $75K worth of rooms which was a huge success from our perspective.

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