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Munich hotel increases bookings with Expedia partnership

Our Hotel is located in the heart of Munich, Germany. The five-star market is very healthy even though the general market is getting more and more compressed each year as more hotels are opening. This puts additional pressure on the average daily rates and leads to a price war between the hotels to gain market shares.

Expedia helped us increase our bookings by almost 60%

Philip Kuchelmeister
Revenue Manager

As a Revenue Manager it is very important to choose the right distribution channels and partners in order to convert bookings. The focus is to not overstress one channel only but to balance inventory wisely in order to efficiently manage the cost of booking. With several fairs and events like the famous Oktoberfest, it is critical to have a reliable Market Manager who can be contacted by myself and my staff for support in any kind of situation. This includes not only system support but also strategic consulting about the market in general and/or promotion opportunities.

As international company, Expedia preserves personal contact while still offering innovative benefits like mobile apps and competitive insights. If we need a new promotion or additional rate plans, we can easily create everything in Expedia PartnerCentral while still managing our rates and inventory with a channel manager.

We joined Expedia several years ago and one of the key benefits of our partnership is the global demand and worldwide exposure we gained which helped us increase our international bookings. The possibility to combine room bookings with flights is a standalone Unique Selling Point and has helped us increase our bookings by almost 60% whilst having a low cancellation rate. Expedia is definitely one of our key partners.

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