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Newly-opened hotel attracts high value customers with Expedia

The Hotel VIU Milan is a 5-star city hotel which opened in March 2017. Our main goal is to position ourselves in Milan’s luxury market. We target both business and leisure guests, between 30 and 50 years old, coming from the US, UK, Middle East and domestic markets. At 124 rooms, our hotel needs the utmost global visibility, especially in the first months following launch.

Our 72-Hour Sale campaign produced 17,000 EUR of revenue in only three days!

Antonio Mugno
Director of Revenue

We began working with Expedia in January 2017. With the US and UK being our major target markets, Expedia is one of the best partners to collaborate with to attract new customers. Thanks to geotargeted offers in particular, we can reach our desired audience.The Expedia team is definitely one of the most professional teams in the market. The Assistance team is fast and detail-oriented, the sales team is very proactive, and the Expedia Market Management team helped us a lot during the opening of our property by offering a wide range of extra visibility options such as Deal of The Day, Local Geo Deals, 72hrs Promo, Travel Ads and the VIP Program.

As a channel manager user, I mainly use Expedia PartnerCentral (Expedia’s property management tool for hotel partners) for my market analysis: setting the competitive set, sales performance analysis, quality score, and visibility in sort order. In the future we are also planning to use TravelAds to reach our target audience without lowering our rates.

We have found the greatest benefits of working with Expedia to be: low cancellation rates, the safe payment method provided by Expedia Virtual Card, the global visibility we gained thanks to their large portfolio of brands. Our partnership with Expedia has increased the presence of American and English customers with high spending potential (we monitor the purchase of extras such as items from the mini-bar, and Expedia customers are the ones that consume the most at our hotel).

In terms of specific promotions, we had a great response to our 72-Hour Sale campaign, which produced 17,000 EUR of revenue in only three days!

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