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4-star hotel attracts international travelers with Expedia

Rothay Garden Hotel, England

I work at the Rothay Garden Hotel as a consultant. It is a 4-star hotel in the Lake District mainly catering towards leisure guests. Having worked with Orbitz in the past, I added the property onto Expedia 4 months ago to increase our online visibility. Already we’re seeing the benefits of being distributed across more channels. We immediately received more reservations and our Q1 revenue has increased ten-fold compared to last year!

Thanks to Expedia, we have increased the share of our international travelers by 30%


Setting up our account with Expedia has been really easy, you can speak directly with your Account Manager and the Assistance Team before going live. Their support is great and it really helps to have a direct point of contact – you know the person you’re talking to!

The extranet, Expedia PartnerCentral, is very easy to use, I usually check production of the hotel every couple of weeks through it.

Thanks to Expedia, we have also increased the share of our international travelers by 30%. Those reservations are really valuable for us, not only because they have a longer booking window that help us plan our sales strategy well in advance, but also because we’ve noticed lower cancellation rates and they stay longer – longer stays mean better profit margins. Almost all of our guests who stay longer than one night decide to dine at our restaurant at least once and that is great for our bottom line!

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