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Expedia brings travelers with great purchasing power and improves average daily rate

Hotel Porta Felice, Italy

I’m the Director of Porta Felice Hotel, a 4 star hotel with 33 rooms. Our business mainly focuses on leisure travelers with an average purchasing power. We joined Expedia when opening our hotel back in 2008, with the objective of attracting individual reservations and business travelers, and improving our average daily rate in a destination where the main challenge is demand.

Thanks to our relationship with Expedia, our average daily rate improved by 15%

Daniela Fusi

With Expedia, we can count on a low cancellation rate, no payment issues and regular cash flow. The travelers Expedia brings have great purchasing power and thanks to that we improved our daily average rate by 15%. We really appreciate Expedia’s consultative approach. The market management team is available, competent and reliable and the great relationship we established was crucial to increase our performance and production by 89%.

We use a channel manager to manage our rates and availability with no issues so far, and use Expedia PartnerCentral to create promotions and analyze the results. The tool is precise and very useful.

Expedia is a well-known, solid company and trusted by consumers, and thanks to this, our relationship with Expedia has allowed us to drive business during low season.

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