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Expedia gives access to global demand and sophisticated technology

Hotel Eden Roc, Italy

I am the Owner of Hotel Eden Roc, a four-star hotel with 25 rooms in Positano. Our business mainly focuses on leisure customers with mid to high purchasing power, honeymooners and/or guests looking to organize special events in premium locations such as Positano.

Thanks to Expedia’s consultative approach and targeted strategy we increased net room nights by 18% YOY.

Raffaele Casola
Owner & Director

Our key goal in this very high-demand destination, is to offer top quality service to attract global travelers. This year, we have invested heavily in renovating our hotel in order to adapt to the needs of our guests which vary depending on their country of origin. We use sophisticated technology to meet the needs of a very demanding clientele.

We joined Expedia 15 years ago as it is perfectly suited to helping us achieve our goals. With Expedia, we have access to global demand, and we benefit from great exposure thanks to a wide portfolio of exclusive brands.

The market management team is extremely competent and solution-oriented. Thanks to their suggestions and sophisticated technology, we are able to plan a precise strategy in advance and capture the right customers by following their purchasing behavior.

I use Expedia PartnerCentral, Expedia’s self-service property management tool for hotel partners, on a daily basis. The best recent innovation was the introduction of EPC Conversations, which allows us to contact guests immediately from the moment of booking. This allows us to offer superior service. Every single marketing action brings the expected results as it suits the needs of the hotel in terms of occupancy rate, seasonality and dynamic pricing. Thanks to this approach we have increased our revenue by 35% and improved our average daily rate by 14% year on year.  We trust Expedia and we hope to continue to grow our business together.

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