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Vacation Rental cluster improves length of stay thanks to Expedia

Sexta Planta, Spain

Sextaplanta is a digital strategy agency which develops commercial actions and marketing for hotels, apartments and independent touristic properties. We work closely with these independent properties which face, the challenge to optimize their online strategy to bring value to their guests.

We have doubled our average length of stay in just one year.

Ángela García
Managing Partner

At Sextaplanta we value Expedia because it adds value for our partners, We receive close support from the market management team and the market knowledge they share with us helps us progress every day. We always recommend Expedia to all our partners because of its innovative approach; Expedia is always improving its tools. The strategies it develops are consistent and it’s a win-win relationship large or small partners.

Our motivation behind working with a channel such as Expedia is to increase our bookings’ average length of stay, which in some cases has doubled in less than a year, and also improve booking window and guest loyalty. The properties we work with face challenges in reaching some markets but thanks to affiliates like Expedia, they have access to wider markets.

Expedia’s extranet (Expedia PartnerCentral) offers interesting tools such as the possibility to receive real time feedback from guests during their stay, something that nobody else has. This tool is extremely useful as it gives the possibility to assess the services offered in every property, allowing us to quickly rectify any issues if needed.

Working with Expedia is synonymous with success. It’s a channel that we always recommend to our partners to help them reach their goals and be more competitive and effective.

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