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Join Expedia and place your property in front of millions of travelers per month.

Join Expedia, one of the world’s largest full-service travel sites

Sign up to become an Expedia hotel partner and gain access to shoppers on the 33 localized Expedia-branded sites around the world. Brand Expedia sites offer travelers options for car rentals, flights, cruises and activities, in addition to hotels. By offering a variety of travel products, Expedia attracts more travelers and then showcases hotel options to these shoppers, potentially generating additional demand for its hotel partners.

In addition, Expedia sites offer shoppers the opportunity to bundle hotels with other components such as flights or car rentals. These package bookings feature half the cancellation rate, and twice the booking window and length of stay compared to standalone bookings, making them an attractive option for Expedia hotel partners.

For over 20 years, Expedia has provided consumers with the latest technology teamed with the widest selection of top vacation destinations and hotel deals. Join Expedia and reach the millions of travelers per month who use Expedia to easily plan and book travel.

Expedia makes life simple for hotel partners and consumers alike. List your property on Expedia and access a host of innovative tools which make increasing a hotel’s booking potential and implementing a revenue management strategy quick and simple.

Expedia hotel partners can join Partner Central – their connection to Expedia’s global travel marketplace. Partner Central is a suite of self-service tools that enable partners to implement and manage revenue strategy, maintain property details and photos, promote their property and engage with guests. Joining Partner Central also provides hotel partners with a wealth of educational and help content to assist them in getting the most out of their partnership. Expedia also offers multilingual, regional teams all around the world that are on hand to help hotel partners reach their business goals.

For consumers, Expedia features an award-winning mobile app, which means travelers can discover hotels and book with ease and confidence on the go. Travelers can book their flights, hotels, packages all directly from the app and, in some cases, save even more thanks to mobile-exclusive deals on hotels.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1996
  • Localized sites in 33 countries and an award-winning mobile app
  • 40M+ post-stay reviews and 30M+ real-time reviews
  • Millions of published and discounted fares on flights on over 550+ airlines
  • Directory of more than 590K+ accommodation properties worldwide
  • Build-your-own holiday packaging technology

Register your hotel with Expedia and you’ll be joining Expedia Group; home to 590K properties, 1.5M online bookable vacation rentals, 550+ airlines, 150+ car rental companies and 25K+ activities — offering travelers the ability to search for everything, easily and in one place.

Join Expedia Group today by clicking here — and you’ll fast become connected to a growing number of global travelers.

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