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Frequently asked questions

Sign up and onboarding

How do I sign up?

What happens after I sign up?

What information do I need before I sign up?

I don’t have answers for some of the questions. What should I do?

I’ve submitted all my information, but I haven’t heard from you yet. What’s going on?

Can I make changes to my property listing?

I’m already working with other online travel agents (OTAs). Can I work with you, too?

My property is small and so is my team. How easy is it to work with you?

How long does it take to sign up?

What kind of photos should I upload?

When will my property go live?

Can you connect to my system?

What is a connectivity provider, and do I need one to work with you?

Do I have to sign up with each of your brands separately?


How do payments work?

How much compensation will I pay for reservations?

What do I get for the compensation I pay?

What if my property doesn’t accept credit cards?


How will I manage my business with you?

Do I need to confirm all my reservations?

What happens if a guest cancels?

My property doesn’t provide 24-hour check-in. Can I contact guests prior to arrival to arrange a check-in time?


What is Expedia Group all about?

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